Private Therapy Services

Private Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy in East Amherst, NY

abc Therapeutics

abc Therapeutics offers private occupational therapy and physical therapy at the Transit Road location. Therapy is provided in individual or group sessions depending on the child's need and family request.

Private therapy is often chosen by families who seek expert therapy services including:

  • comprehensive developmental evaluations
  • second opinion evaluations and consultation
  • therapy over extended holiday periods or summer
  • short term medical rehabilitation
  • splinting, casting, and adaptive equipment
  • home and environmental evaluation and modification
  • short term developmental intervention or consultation
  • parent education, training, and advocacy
  • extended case management and developmental consultation

...and more!

abc Therapeutics staff are master clinicians who work together with parents to determine the best way to meet a child's needs. Information on additional services is available on this site, or call us to schedule an appointment.

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