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The Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a public program for children under the age of three who are either suspected of having or at risk for developmental delays or disabilities. Potentially eligible children
must be referred to the county program to receive EIP services.

EIP is funded by New York State and county governments. All EIP services are provided at no cost to parents. Health insurance may be used for approved services. A child's eligibility for the program can be determined only by state-approved evaluators under contract, and all services must be authorized by the county.

abc Therapeutics is an approved provider in the New York State Early Intervention Program. Contact information for local WNY Early Intervention Programs is below.

abc Therapeutics helps to link parents to the Early Intervention Program and provides initial referral and interim therapy services to families waiting for their EIP eligibility to be determined. Once approved,
families may also choose abc Therapeutics as their service provider. Private therapy services are available to families who are not approved or who wish to opt out the County program.

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